Thursday, August 15, 2013

BAOR: Work in Progress

The Royal Loamshires vehicle park

Mrs. Kinch and I had a quiet night in watching a movie, so I took the opportunity to get a bit of work done on the Loamshires. I have six FV 432, two open topped and four closed, all of which are from Grubby tanks. They are nice models and very little filling or sanding was required to get them up to scratch.  The Landrover is a resin piece that I'd forgotten I had, I think it might be Hobbyden, I'm not sure. 

I was doing so well and had taken one FV 432 (not pictured) out to undercoat it, when I stumbled across this article on stowage for Cold War British vehicles by Andy Rix on his Cold War Gamer blog. This set things back a bit as my FV 432 were distressingly bare. I had to dig out the stowage box. Fortunately, I had plenty of greenstuff and some Hobbyden resin stowage lying around, so I was able to make a start. Savage is wallowing in the depths of Capri Sun addiction at the moment and will be bringing me some straws on Saturday to make fascines. 

Terrible photo, but it was snapped on the run. 

Another section of Elheim BAOR and three Grubby Tanks crew for the second open FV 432. These should be fine as I'm getting quite used to painting DPM now. 

One thing I've noticed over the last few days is that the FV 432 doesn't have a nickname. I've heard it called the wagon and the bus, but those are quite generic names. Apparently, it was once called the Trojan, but that was quietly scrapped after causing much hilarity on NATO exercises as it is a popular brand of American condom. 


  1. Hope Mrs K doesn't catch you using her Mandy Annual 1979 for modelling purposes !

  2. Conrad,
    "Don't advance unless you're covered by a Trojan".
    Yeah, I can see why they dropped that one...