Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Royal Loamshires

The new Elheim British Army of the Rhine are out and each one is a little gem. While I have quite a few Liberation figures kicking around, these new chaps have turned my head completely and I've ended up with the bones of a platoon. My Liberation guys were actually for the Falklands, so these lads will be done as proper Mechanised Infantry without bergans. 

I have four FV 432s from Andy over at Grubby Tanks and I'm in two minds about them.  I know the FV 432 usually held back and covered the advance with fire from the GPMG, but not entirely sure if one or two men from the section stayed with the track as that will obviously effect how many infantry I'll have to paint. I'll be putting an order into Elheim anyway as I need a few more LAWs and some Soviet VDV, so I better make my mind up before then. 

The Grubby Tanks FV 432 come with crew, but I'll be basing the lads in the open tracks on two cent coins so that I can dismount them. 


  1. Is this a new period?

    If so is it allowed? :-)


  2. I asked a guy at work who was in the BOAR - specifically Berlin Garrison (Intelligence Corps) whilst Hess was alive (so ends 1987) until his death - not sure of his exact dates of service. He said that FV 432's came with their own driver and MG crew from whoever provided them. As a side comment he realised that the main job of the Berlin garrison was to "cry help and warn of the invasion" when they stopped getting state of the art stuff (presumably to show off to the Russkies) and got second grade stuff (on the principle that it wouldn't last long) aside from the Comms material....
    The two cent coins are probably good for AK47 as well. Yet to order the rules, but I understand 15mm is on 3x3 cm, so 28mm should be on 5x5cm and (UK) penny coins should enable that.