Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happiness is...

...a well stocked tank part. 

We had a visit from Mr. E, Savage and Tootsie last night.  Tootsie flounced off with Mrs Kinch for a while to do...whatever it is women do when their men folk are profitably engaged in sticking toy tanks together. Mr. E, Savage and I had a chat and we did some work on the Soviet armoured horde that will be facing my BAOR in the not to distant future. 

Fortunately, Andy at Grubby Tanks resin Soviets are neat little casting and are very affordable. Some of the casts needed a bit of work with green stuff, but we actually got 10 T-62, 10 BMP-1 and four BDRM 2 cleaned up, filled and stuck together in an evening. 


The BDRMs which will be making up the recce platoon even got as far as a blast of Tamiya Dark Green and a wash of Badab Black as per the painting instructions that I stole from the Guild.  I think the Tamiya is a bit darker than the Russian Green recommended, but we shall see how the BDRMs look once they've had a drybrush of Russian uniform. 

We call it the turret factory

Savage and I were discussing this afterwards and noticed how quickly the time went. This is definitely a nice way to spend an evening and get a lot of ground covered in a short period of time. We got all those tanks to a state where they were ready to take paint in less than three hours whereupon we rejoined the ladies.

The wood for the War Room still hasn't arrived, which is a bit frustrating. On the other hand, I managed to widen the trap door without causing the floor to collapse, so getting boxes up and down isn't the problem it used to be. 


  1. The lack of a collapsing floor is always a plus. Nice to see the Chelyabinsk tradition carried on.


  2. Having personally squeezed through the earlier version of the trapdoor, not bad in view of my advancing years, a larger variant much better for a certain General G to gain access to hide his shame when he's defeated, and it's a superb wine cellar too
    Roll on Gaelcon!!!!!

    lovely tanks but where's the BIG FLAGS!! hint hint, you know what i refer too
    cheers Old John

  3. Quite a nice production line


  4. Looks good
    What scale are we talking here?

    15mm or 20mm

  5. My Dear Conrad,

    I can reveal that, when on their own, Ladies mostly discuss shoes!

    Kind regards, Chris.