Tuesday, January 21, 2014


In an attempt to keep moving forward on things I've been making bases as fast as my paws and paint drying time will allow.  Working on the basis that "little and often" is the way to approach this sort of dull job, I've been trying to do ten-fifteen minutes work every day on them. 

These are steel bases that I get quite cheaply from Jim over at Products for Wargamers. He makes them up specially in batches of fifty. They're sturdy, light and I've had no problems with them so far. 

I then give them a quick blast of black spray. I've found black is best as a neutral colour and it shows up stickers and other markers well. After the black is dry, two coats of spray varnish and we're done.  

Once the varnish is done, two pieces of magnetic sheet are stuck to each piece and all that remains is to add a unit label and assign them to a box.

I sprayed my last base this morning and hopefully I'll have enough in that to finish basing the entire collection. At least until I start collecting Austrians in earnest. 


  1. The sort of thing I think about doing... and don't. Probably because I am bone idle lazy. That looks like a very practical method of preserving your figures in storage and in use.

  2. It is - and I find sorting storage one of the most important parts of any figure collection, because otherwise it's so damn hard to use 'em.