Sunday, January 19, 2014

The archaeology of collecting

One of the things that keep cropping up as I clean out and organise the War Room is that I keep coming across the remains of old projects. 

These are Italeri British Light Dragoons, I started painting them about six years ago and I think I got about eight of thirty finished. I'm not sure what exactly I should do with them, I have absolutely tons of British Lights so there's no need to add another two units. 

My options are I suppose, dispose of them somehow, sell them or paint convert them to something else.  

Something to mull over in the flurry of basing and tidying. 


  1. Give them in a give away! They deserve a better home where they feel loved and being taken care!! :-)

  2. Some of my half-finished projects would require carbon dating!

  3. Ah the dilemma of the half started project...
    They litter my gaming in both time and space.If only I were not a butterfly...

  4. I think I have a box of these sitting in my stash since Leprecon before last....

  5. Convert them to Saxon Chevaulergers?