Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is the house the Kinch bought...

An artists impression of the Kinch family
entering their new home. I am unsure about the children,
but the artist insisted. We might lay in some, just for the day,
if they can be got cheaply.

One piece of news that rather slipped my mind is that Mrs. Kinch and I have had an offer accepted on a house. It was house number 26 of 30 viewed and contrary to all previous experience, it has all its windows and doors and a roof and such. We had our offer accepted with indecent haste, though a structural survey indicates that there is nothing wrong with the property.

There is a lot to happen before the scene above can come close to reality, mortgage re-approval, much flying back and forth of documents and such - but it is rather closer to being the proud owners of Chateau Kinch sur la Tolka than we were.

That is of course, assuming all goes well.


  1. I hope that all goes well . . . and it should be noted that there are many good reasons for a quick approval of a sale.

    Among them is that the owner is moving and needs the money to purchase a new home elsewhere . . . this is quite common in fact.

    You've apparently done your homework and had an inspection done on the property . . . so I wish you and your bride good luck and a happy home-buying!

    -- Jeff

  2. Huzzah! Do tell more of the new house my wife and daughters would be most interested to hear of such tings not to mention my good self...

  3. Excellent news - and does it have one of those new fangled garderobes?

  4. Conrad Kinch,

    Congratulations on your new home (assuming that everything goes through all right!).

    Will there be space for a wargames room ... even just a small one?

    All the best,


  5. Gentlemen,

    Thank you very much for your best wishes.

    Tradgardmastare - I'll keep mum for the time being, rather than counting chickens before they are hatched.

    What I will say is that yes, Steve, there are in fact two - one of which, and I was as surprised as anyone I'll have you know - is *indoors*. I can only hope this will not lead us into decadence.

    As for a wargames room, Mrs. Kinch was of the opinion that it was a necessity lest we end up with "soldiers all over the house" so I'm taking command of one of the downstairs rooms. 12ft by 12 ft with a very pleasant fireplace and a view of the garden. It's a good space, but I'll have to think very carefully about how to make best use of it.

  6. That's great news, Eamon! So pleased for the both of you. Might the house have an extra room that could be kitted out as a (dare I suggest it?) a wargaming room?

    Best Regards,