Thursday, May 19, 2011

1/72 scale bull

Look at him, isn't he beautiful?
A gored 1/72 scale Earnest Hemmingway just out of shot

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over for dinner, who brought me a rather nice 1/72 scale bull to go with my Spanish terrain. It was lovely and very thoughtful gift, though curiously enough it had something attached to it.

Some of this actually. It seemed like a rather odd gift to give away with an admittedly rather expensive model bull, but it wasn't bad by any manner of means. We had to drink it of course, just to be sociable - you know how these things are.

It turned out that our friends generosity knew no bounds, for they brought a second bull. This one is taking a rather more laid back approach to life. I suppose I should probably find my 1/72 scale cows.

That should have him up and about.


  1. What thoughtful friends! These remind me of when I was young and used to pester my mother to buy the toy soldiers that came with a free box of cereal. I still have a few of the figures but can't recall what happened to the cereal.

  2. The heck with cereal, I'll take a bottle of Spanish red anyday!


  3. ha ha, those are great! Love the laid-back bull.
    So they came with some bottles? I suppose you could find -some- use for the bottles?

  4. I got a bottle of the wine at christmas and kept the bull for a rainy day hobby-wise- it is in my spares box somewhere-ie stuffed in some box somewhere...

  5. Free wine when you buy toys - now there's a sound marketing ploy.

  6. It makes a change from the sort of 'bull' that I usually have to deal with!

    All you have to do now is to design a bull-fighting game ... over to you Mr Kinch!

    All the best,