Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Newline Designs Royal Horse Artillery


I have been treating the Command & Colours: Napoleonics scenario bank as a shopping list for my Peninsular War armies and assiduously filling out the spots that I haven't filled. One thing that I have discovered is that my artillery units, which all come with caissons and gun teams, have absolutely no chance of fitting in a five inch hex.

The Foot Artillery units don't look too bad with just a gun and some crew, but I needed something to distinguish the Horse Artillery. I also needed some Horse Artillery.

Well needed is probably a rather strong word, I certainly wanted Horse Artillery. I eventually settled on a gun with crew and a mounted officer to help distinguish the Horse from the Foot batteries. This is not so tough for the British, who have the decency to wear a different sort of hat, but more of a difficulty for the French, whose horse artillery look very "footy" to my eyes. I'm not sure of the ability of inexperienced players to distinguish between the two in the heat of battle.

Enter Sean at Newline Designs stage left and I am now the proud owner of two complete sets of British and French Horse Artillery guns and crew with mounted officers to match. The British officers are actually Light Dragoons, who will have their swords trimmed and possible spy glasses or something similar added. They are nice figures and I'll post some pictures when they are painted, but I think I might try and find some officers with pelisses.

There's just something about pelisses, don't you think?

Observe the pelisse, gentlemen. Isn't there something about it that suggests that this fellow went to the right school, what?


  1. Hi CK,

    The wearing of a pelisse obviously adds a little tone to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl so is to be encouraged at every opportunity I say!

    All the best,


  2. Hmm wouldn't an officer from the right schools sit upright in the saddle? (not to mention joining the cavalry?)

    Good idea to add a mounted officer. Is there room for a horse holder too?
    For the Frenchies, what about guard Horse Artillery in busbies and lots of lace? ( no idea without looking if they served in Spain but thats a small enough matter )

  3. DC - Absolutely.

    Ross Mac - it's not the poor fellows fault he went to Winchester!

    I hadn't thought of a horse holder, but now that you mention it, it is a very good idea...

    Though I saw these last night, they're beautiful.

    I have some Italeri Guard Horse Artillery that I haven't done anything with yet.

  4. Very bright fellows those Wykehamists, well suited for the technical corps.