Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dismounted French Dragoons - Hinton Hunt - Kriegspieler

Dismounted French Dragoons by Hinton Hunt (by way of Kriegspieler), a HAT British Light Infantryman shown for scale.

One of the other pleasures of John C's visit to Chateau Kinch was that he brought with him some Dismounted French Dragoons that he had got from the United States of America. I have something of a curious obsession with Dismounted Dragoons, having parted with a substantial amount of money for a Strelets set. I suspect that it may have something to do with the Sharpe novels that I read in my teens, which invariably focussed on the petit geurre aspects of the Peninsular War. French Dragoons were very competent anti-guerrilla troops, though their methods bear little praise.

On a happier note, John's figures are ten beautiful little sculpts, quite small by modern standards and about the same size as Newline Design figures. They are Hinton Hunt figures, a name that never really meant anything to me until I read Achtung Swinehundt! The figures them selves are actually American copies by a company called Der Kriegspieler apparently, but I still think they are rather fine. I am very taken with these, so much so that I don't think I'll give them to my usual painter to be painted, these I think I will keep for myself. The size issue may be ameliorated somewhat after they are based, but I think my Italeri Dragoons have found some more dismounted company. There will probably be a size discrepancy, but I'm not sure I care.

I can't say I know when I'll get around to them with my copious free time, but it strikes me that these are a pleasure to be sipped.

For those of you who would like to learn a little more about Hinton Hunt and other old 20mm figures, should check out Vintage 20MIL. The Hinton Hunter run by Clive of the ever wonderful Vintage Wargaming blog which is also well worth a look.


  1. Interesting figures - the only Hinton Hunt figs I had were some ACW cavalry given to me many years ago by an old friend. I wonder what became of them.

  2. They do have their own sort of charm. Der Kriegspieler was always a name out of Wargamer's Digest magazine ads and new figure releases for me.

    I like dismounted cavalry of all sorts, just have trouble working them into games other than Union cavalry in the ACW with their repeating carbines. The rest always seem to end up more effective mounted, especially if there is an infantryman around somewhere. I think my GGBG in their shiny silver helmets have dismounted once to hold a farmhouse to block the enemy's retreat.

  3. No promises now, but following your posting on TMP - how many of the little beauties were you looking for?


  4. Ross, dismounted cavalry are always worth while - Mathew Hervey has taught me that much. Sharpe Practice is a game that I would imagine would lend itself to dismounted cavalry.

    What is a GGBG?

    Wargamed, that I think might depend rather heavily on my finances, but I could certainly find house room for another dozen.

  5. Conrad, the Der Kriegspieler dismounted dragoon shown is a conversion of the Hinton Hunt horse holder, with the reins replaced by a musket

  6. That amuses me no end - I had been looking at one speculatively yesterday, trying to work out if I could turn him into a horse holder.