Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bases from Products for Wargamers

A Woodland Scenics Tree Armature on a Products for Wargamers 40mm base

I used up the last of my Games Workshop 60mm bases a few days ago and I realised that I would need some more trees.

A count of my current crop reveals that I have 15 properly based specimens in various states of completion, which leaves me rather short of the 22 I will require for my upcoming game. I'm very taken with the Woodland Scenics tree armatures, so I think I might extent my forestry by investing in some more. I have plenty of lichen and clump foliage lying about so that should fill the gap nicely, though I'm torn between buying a bottle of Hobby-E-Tac, which is some sort of special glue for the purpose, and continuing to use PVA. The PVA hasn't been an unreserved success, but we shall see. I think the main determinant will be whether the model shop has it in stock when I go in for the armatures.

Products for Wargamers 3mm laser cut bases in 40mm and 60mm for the princely sum of £2. Take that Games Workshop!

But on the bases.

I called to Games Workshop to pick up a bag of 60mm bases, when I was told by the greasy oik behind the counter that they no longer stocked them. I was of course welcome to buy a bag of "mixed round bases". This cost about a tenner and had two 60mm bases in it along with a variety of stuff that I didn't need. I cast about for a replacement and again Jim at Products for Wargamers provided. He supplied my wants with all speed, including bags of 40mm and 60mm bases laser cut from 3mm MDF. He even managed to extract sense from emails sent by a customer whose brain was addled from working nights.

Jim made me a selection of bespoke MDF bases for another related project in indecent speed. More on that later.

The service was swift, the product excellent and the price more than fair. A loud hurrah for Jim Moore of Products for Wargamers and the last one to build a forest is a rotten egg.


  1. Hi CK,

    Those bases do look rather like Digestive biscuits in their unadorned state - please be mindful whilst taking tea during the construction process!

    It would be tragedy if you became the first wargamer to suffer from an MDF related health mishap!

    With much concern,


  2. Tree bien as the French might say...

  3. Greasy oik, that made me chuckle!! You can't argue with the price of their stuff!! Happy forest building.

  4. Thanks for posting this, I will put these guys in my bookmarks. I also buy from, excellent quality and not a single incident so far

  5. DC - thank you for that health and safety announcement. I have been known to dip paintbrushes in the coffee mug next to my water jar and suck them contemplatively without realising what's going on.

    Trad - groan

    Ray - He was the greasiest of oiks. Still GW are not bad for the odd spot of paint.

    Anibal - Thanks. I'll have a look at those chaps.