Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little and often

Foam offcuts, marked out with a felt tip

I have a busy few days ahead of me as I'm behind on my paper in work, mainly due to my recent bout of Spectrox Toxemia, which knocked me for six for a little bit. With that in mind, I've been trying to make sure that I do some work on my Napoleonic game or my larp for Gaelcon every day. This is to prevent the mad rush at the end, which sometimes extends into the convention itself and generally spoils the fun of the thing.

Busaco is a rather hill heavy battle and I soon realised that my current stock of hills simply wouldn't cut it. I had hoped to make large single piece bespoke hills, but soon realised that these had several problems.

1. While they would look better they would be single use, pieces that large are a great deal more expensive than the offcuts I've been getting for a handshake.

2. It's harder to tell where the hexes are on a larger hill.

3. The single pieces aren't modular. You are tied to a specific setup.

Electric carving knife, terrain maker, for the use of

So I marked out my offcuts and set to work cutting them out. This was quick work and I managed to get it done in about twenty minutes between Mrs Kinch going to bed and the first demand for a cup of tea.

The electric carving knife is not as precise a tool as a hot wire cutter, but I don't have one of those.

Maybe I should get one of those...

The end result, hills!

Twenty minutes later, the war room was covered in hills, foam offcuts and all manner of other stuff. Spraying them will have to wait for another day - but I'm glad I have another little job out of the way.


  1. Very industrious of you! Asnit happens, I'm planning to run the first of the CCN Busaco scenarios this wednesday, so expect a report shortly thereafter.

  2. I look forward to it - Its a tough old furrow for the Redcoats. There's something of the puzzle about many C&C scenarios and I haven't worked out the solution yet.

  3. "I haven't worked out the solution yet" You are amoung friends.

  4. Hi CK and Tim,

    No puzzle - just draw better cards and roll better dice! Oh, and have stunning tactical master stroke with which to confound and confuse the opposition.

    Failing that, just stroke your chin thoughtfully from time to time whilst slowing nodding your head - you may not have any ideas of what to do but the opposition doesn't know that and it looks like you know what you are doing!

    All the best,