Friday, October 7, 2011

Strelets Napoleon in Egypt

Bonaparte being dastardly in the middle east
by the rather talented Jean-Leon Gerome

Like all wargamers I am a butterfly rather than a beaver, but these caught my eye the other day and I came over all enthusiastic. I can't imagine they'll be available this year, but they certainly put me to thinking odd fevered dreams of camel mounted hussars, back badge day and charging mamelukes.

Heady stuff.

And just goes to show what a wonderfully rich period we are living through in terms of the hobby.

French Line Infantry

French Light Infantry

British Line Infantry


  1. I still have 15mm French in Egypt tucked away in my unpainted pile. Been there about 20 years. Pity the Mamlukes and Brits got tired of waiting and left town.

  2. Holy macaroni ... these would be enough to get me into 1/72 plastics!


  3. GerMan also do a line in Egypt campaign British light in tarletons and sepoys.

    See more at

    I'm having trouble enough sticking to the Peninsula theatre as it is!

  4. Those do look very interesting. How well would they fit in the Napoleonic fantasy version of Sea Lion, such as stepping in to Ireland around 1798 or so? Or even the other island if they could.

    Arteis just pick up a box or two and you are in like Flint, nothing says we have to specialize in one thing. Many kids have 50 boxes and more, all different kinds.

  5. Ross - My father gave me the Brigadiers two volumes on the Egyptian campaign as a graduation present.

    I don't see myself getting away without doing these and I can certainly double job the redcoats by sending them to the sub-continent.

    Arteis - I was lost to 1/72 plastics long ago.

    Rosbif - I've seen them in the flesh once and they did not impress. The sculpts are nice enough, but the stuff they're made out of is like bicuit.

  6. If I was to get back into Napoleonics - and it was one of the first periods I was interested in - then the Egyptian campaign would be the one to do it for me... but sorry, not in plastic.... :o)

  7. They're some very nice looking figures, the plastics seem to be catching my eye more and more.

  8. Noticed the musket barrels in many of the figures look as if you had replaced them with brass wire; Am I correct?

    If so, impressive bit of modeling; this must strengthen them against bending, once painted.

    Is it difficult to do?