Sunday, October 16, 2011

A good weekend

Most the pictures from the weekend will have to stay offline to protect the guilty, so I'll leave you with this stock image of a no doubt ravishing hand model plying his trade

It's been a jam packed weekend. I made my annual trip outside the pale, where I attended the 30th birthday of a very good friend. This was great fun. We were in a pub with saw dust on the floor, there was a chap with a guitar and the entire pub sang along.

It was a bit like being in a Bord Failte ad.

On a completely unrelated note, there should be a word for the sense of melancholy that possesses one when it is discovered that a friends dog has torn a perfectly triangular hole in a favourite pair of trousers.

Mrs. Kinch has made noises about darning it, but I am skeptical.

The trip back was uneventful and I read "An Eyewitness Account of the Second Sikh War" on the train. Much like the curates egg, it was good in parts, I'll have to post a review later.

The other discovery of the weekend was Hobby E Tac. This is a glue that Woodland Scenics produce to complement their range of do it yourself tree armatures. I'd used standard PVA before and it was workable, but it still wasn't quite the thing. It generally took a while for the clump foliage to stick and it didn't always do the job. I'm usually suspicious of proprietary glues, I think because of Games Workshop, but I purchased this stuff on a whim and it is splendid. While I generally had to apply small amounts of foliage at a time with the PVA and allow the PVA to dry inbetween applications. The Hobby E Tac speeds the process greatly as it only requires one coat and it grips the material immediately, forming a stronger bond.

I got the last of the trees that I need for the big game finished in an evening. All that remains is to prettify the bases and they're ready.

Definately worth a shot.


  1. That glue reminds me of Copydex, a white glue that I used to use large amounts of back in the scenery building days...

  2. Thanks for the useful tip Conrad, I've also had frustrating times with PVA on this sort of job. So I've ordered some Hob - e -Tac today.