Sunday, July 1, 2012

HAT Spanish Infantry

Infantry sprue
For ease of reference each ruled square is 5/8 of an inch (click to embiggen)

I was very lucky to get my paws on some early released sprues of HAT Industries rather handsome new Spanish infantry. These will be of no real interest to those for whom it is eternally 1810 (I'm looking at you Foy), but for those of use who would like to play Bailen and the Sieges of Saragossa, these figures offer the first opportunity to do so in platic.

The figures themselves are made in the soft plastic familiar from most of HAT recent releases. It glues and takes paint well. The numbers of poses feature a pleasently large number of marching men, which will make it a great deal easier to make up whole units. 

Marching poses           6
At Attention                2
Advancing                   2
Firing                           1
Loading                        1

Command sprue (click to embiggen)

The command sprue is a mixture of figures. There is a Infantry Line officer, two ensigns (one of whom is a grenadier), two sergeants (one of whom from his belly bullet box* and poncho, I believe is a light infantryman), a pioneer (with seperate arm bearing a spade), a light infantry hornist, a grenadier drummer and another officer with a sash. The final figure (bottom right hand corner) is a drummer or perhaps a flautist, he's carrying something that looks awfully like drumsticks, but there is only one drum.

Perhaps prospective buyers will have to choose between wanting a grenadier drummer or one from the line.

Some HAT marching infantry lined up with advancing Falcata chaps

I spared no time and set to with stanley blade and superglue and put a unit together with the figures from the sprues and some Falcata spares that I had lying around. I shall have to consult my sources, as I'm not sure what Spanish infantry regiments I'm short, but I think you'll agree they look well.

A close up of three of the command figures, officer, pioneer, sergeant

The command figures are nice, I particularly like casual air of officer, marching into battles while tapping the palm of his hand with his sword - a pose reminiscent of a particularly repellant Irish teacher I had in primary school. Our Spanish friend is better dressed though.

Falcata and HAT side by side

I think the Falcata are slightly heftier, which is understandable given that they are metal, however I think they are a good match for the HAT figures and I expect to use them to supplement the plastic set in my growing Spanish army. This is a set I'm looking forward to seeing more of.

Viva Espagne!

*And if that isn't a phrase that gives pleasure for simple alliteration, I don't know what is. I shall say it again - belly bullet box.


  1. Nice pictures! I particularly enjoyed seeing the snail on your window frame. He's not marching very fast...

  2. I'll have to get myself a packet or two of these. You lucky chap, Kinch!

  3. Very nice figures, plastic figures are becoming so much better. That metal Falcata figure looks a great casting too. You 20mm guys are spoilt for choice these days!


  4. Those are very nice looking figures, Conrad - the detailing is nice ansd prominent - should make painting quite fun, I reckon.

    From the point of view of scaling, how big are those squares?

  5. They're 5/8 of an inch.

    Thanks for the all the kind comments.