Saturday, July 14, 2012

Who am I? - Mystery Death Mask

I dropped into Mrs Kinch great uncles home the other day. It was mainly for a medicinal sherry and a bit of chin wag, but while I was there, he mentioned that there were one or two death masks in his collection that he couldn't put names to.

I should mention that this fellow possesses a really fine collection of death masks including a rather good Inconnu of the Siene, a Cromwell, Napoleon, Frederick the Great and all the gang - including a rather fanciful Joan of Arc.  It keeps him busy along when his collection of 19th century celebrities wallpaper, German carte d'visite from the Great War and portraits of Parisian tarts aren't occupying his time. 

So if anyone can venture a guess as to this chaps identity, I'd be very glad to pass it along. The mask was bought in Berlin about twenty years ago.

Any ideas gentlemen?

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  1. Rommel.

    Of course, that's Seppi Rommel (1915-72), welder, of Gelsenkirchen.


  2. Alas, poor Seppi! I knew him, Horatio.