Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boom, boom, boom

 Jacobite & Williamite Artillery for the Boyne

Baldricks war poetry aside, these guns will be doing duty at the Boyne in the near future. Sadly, they will not be doing so this week.  A trip to the hospital has confirmed that while the majority of what has been ailing Kinch is cuts, bruises and injured pride, I also have a bruised femur* and some soft tissue damage on my leg which will not permit of the sort of country ramble that we've been planning. 

Irregular miniatures painted by Krisztian Takacs, guns by Old John 

To be honest, I'm a bit downhearted about the whole thing as the medical wallah was of the opinion that I won't be fit to march for ten days or so. I'll be taking leave from work, but to be honest I'm very unhappy that this is having to be postponed. General Gorman has been very good about it and his "we'll do it together or not do it all" attitude lifted my spirits considerably. 

That said, far worse things happen at sea and have been happening on land. 

This fine fellows will be for sale in the near futur

That said, far worse things happen at sea and have been happening on land. Though this week was not entirely without good news. I hope to return to blogging at the usual pace very shortly.  

*I know. It was new to me too. I knew you could bruise skin, egos and feel

ings, but never considered the possibility that you could bruise bones.


  1. A pity, but maybe you can walk to Aughrim next year on the 22 July instead!

  2. Commiserations to you and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I feel for you, having injured my left shin last September. I developed a fine haematoma, which made walking rather painful for a month or so, but gradually cleared up OK. Thankfully, our main hobby only requires that the little soldiers march - since I have now been clumsy enough to break my right ankle! The only problem now is getting upstairs to my Wargames Room!

    Bear your wounds with stoicism, sir, and may you be fit for the front again soon.

  3. Lovely stuff - the guns, not the injuries.

  4. Great figures, are the 20 or 25mm?
    Krisztian is a masterpainter!