Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another video

Another video from the game on Saturday, admittedly of the same engagement from a slightly different angle.   I took quite a few photos, but they are all on my camera and therefore a little more difficult to get at.  I'll say one thing for mobile phone cameras, while they may not be as fancy as a Digital SLR - the pictures are a great deal easier to manipulate and use. 

Work has been rather busy lately and there hasn't been much home time.  We've been working longer shifts than usual, so I haven't been my usual sparkling self when I get home.

However, even when one is very tired - there are jobs that's don't demand too much brainwork. Basing these Mysoreans is one of them. These are metal figures produced by Uwe and painted by Krisztian. I'm looking forward to returning to the sub continent. 

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  1. Yes, yes, but who are the chaps with fixed bayonets and Russian style caps in the top right of the box with the Mysore fellows?