Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Basing

Two French Generals

I've a heavyish week at work and a few writing jobs to get done in addition to that, so I've restricted myself to basing - which at least lends itself to being done at odds hours and in small bursts. I've started doing the basing of my Mysorean matchlock men (see at the back), but the heroes of the hour are two very old Hinton Hunt French generals. These were part of a collection bought some time back and their paintwork while somewhat chipped is still mostly good. 

To the side gentlemen

I was considering repainting them, but it seemed bad form, so I'm merely rebasing them and giving them a quick blast of varnish to prevent further damage.  These are old campaigners and it wouldn't do to disgrace the uniform of the old corps by a later imposition, they shall serve as they are. 

And a shiny sixpence to the bright lad who can identify them. 


  1. Lovely work for Mysore. I'm thinking Ney and Soult.


  2. General Du GourmondJune 23, 2013 at 3:50 PM

    General Lasalle and Marshal Davout?

  3. No idea who the chap on the left is, but I have one of the bald-headed bloke on the right, and have always assumed he is 'Daddy' Hill. Of course, I could be wrong!

  4. Old campaigners should get a bonus on die rolls


  5. Off hand LaSalle and Davout but Napoleonics is not my forte.

  6. I'd concur with the Lasalle and Davout choice.

    I'm liking your Mysoreans, too!.

  7. I didn't see this before today, but I would have guessed LaSalle and Davout, myself. Davout I recognize as the prematurely balding Marshal. Lasalle would have been my guess as I have a similarly clothed light cavalry commander (Minifigs) in my own army (tho' he more often goes by the name Genl Etienne Cognac.

    It is just possible I would have said Marshal Bessieres instead of Lasalle. Unique among the Marshals he wore a uniform of the guides, adapted to befit his marshalate rank.