Monday, February 7, 2011

Newline Designs Chasseurs

Little and large
Newline Designs Chasseur & Hat Marching Chasseur

Spending a very pleasant evening with Mrs. Kinch - who is engrossed in her Harry Potter Wii game. I've always liked the books, but Mrs. Kinch is obviously getting rather more from the experience than I am, seeing as she is leaping about the room using the motion sensitive controller as a "wand".

Meanwhile, I am (pardon the pun) pottering about with some of HATs very handsome Marching Chasseurs. I am very much of the opinion that marching figures are perfect for horse and musket wargaming. However, I have met a slight problem - I field battalions of 48 other ranks, HATs marching box holds 32 figures and buying a second box seemed like an extravagance. I bought some Newline Chasseurs to bulk out the unit - but as you can see Foy's reservations were well founded, they look rather weedy next to their HAT brethren.

Fortunately, another box of chasseurs isn't going to break the bank - I may have to find the Newline lads a new home though. I should hopefully finish these chaps this evening and get them off to Mark in the morning. They're destined to join the first Legere at Maida.

Of course, they will need a flag. Any recommendations from the mess?


  1. Would a box of command figures make sense to flush the unit out?

  2. Mr Kinch - I'll put an 1804 pattern flag for the 1er Leger on my Prometheus blog - if it's any use to you, take a copy.



  3. Ah, I suppose these are the Chasseurs that finally found their way to me, aren't they?