Saturday, July 23, 2011

Donogh's Contest

Donogh is running a contest over at "Land War in Asia" to celebrate 200 posts. To enter you list your favourite posts and why you liked them.

The Bastion of Saint Conrad - This scenario is based on an incident from "The Three Musketeers" where the boys need to discuss a matter away from prying eyes and decide that the best place to do this is in the no-man's land between two warring armies. I chose this because I'm a huge fan of Dumas. I reckon this would be a good fit for Savage Worlds using Nostalgic Revival English Civil War figures with IMEX Pilgrims for the Pioneers.

Also it has my name on it. Splendid.

The Battle of Sacile - As regular readers are no doubt aware, I have a yen for Command & Colours: Napoleonics. This is something that I share with Donogh, though he is seemingly blind to the fact that the Peninsula is really the important theatre. He persists in dragging continental nonsense into it. In this case, the scenario is about the battle of Sacile in 1809 which was a set-to between Johnny Austrian and Johnny Crapaud. I like this mainly because it was an excuse to get some more toy soldiers, specifically HATs rather snazzy Austrian Landwehr.

The Battle of Sittangbad - An unusual take on the CHARGE! classic - this scenario is about an attempt to evacuate a base under pressure . I used to think Donogh's affection for Force on Force was misplaced, but after giving the game more of an airing, it's really begun to grow on me. I was surprised when he managed to make an 18th century clash work in contemporary Afghanistan. In retrospect I probably shouldn't be, as apparently Sittangbad was inspired by an action during the Second World War. Nihil novi sub sole and all that.

So in short, a good blog written by a chap with some dangerous ideas and some very unconvincing facial hair.

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