Sunday, November 6, 2011


Johnny's Lanc has had part of its tail shot off, but is swinging into position to drop a bouncing bomb.

Very long hours at work and domestic demands have meant that there has been no blogging of late.

Gaelcon was a success despite considerable obstacles, not least the flooding of the venue four days before the convention was due to begin. The Gaelcon committee and staff worked tirelessly and they accomplished something special.

I ran two games over the weekend, my Command & Colours: Napoleonics Salamanca setup and a Space 1889 LARP. Both went well and I'll post details in the fullness of time.

More Lancasters over a somewhat circumscribed "Tirpitz"

Johnny C made his way over and I had a good time introducing him to the Irish convention scene. I wasn't entirely sure what he'd make of it as there is comparatively little historical miniatures wargaming in Ireland, but he seemed to have a good time and gave us a very good writeup on his blog. It was good to see him and we gave of our best at Salamanca.

Johnny also met our newest addition Sir Harry Flashman VC, who I suspect sensed a kindred spirit.
The view from one of the Archie positions as J for Johnny begins its run

The idea was that a group of Lancasters, Mousquitos and British submarines were to make their way into a German held fjord and destroy the dam at the end. The fjord also happened to hold the Tirpitz, a heavy water factory, the Tirpitz, a hydro-electric facility and a Karl Gerat as well as a not insubstantial amount of Archie.
A long shot, showing only one half of this magnificent board

My attempt did not go particularly well, but I think you'll agree the photo reconnaissance was rather good.


  1. Some really nice photos, great scenery and models too!

  2. Wow!

    Who was Guy Gibson and who was Cheshire, VC?

  3. Hi CK,

    That looks like something to see (with some great pictures BTW) and as I write that oh so familiar theme tune is running through my head with the attendant hair raising on the back of the neck!

    I thought I spotted a Wellington in the mix as well - I have an uncle that used to fly them during the early part of the war - a plane of which I am inordinately fond.

    I am looking forward to the C and C Napoleonics post in due course and am glad the latest addition is still, no doubt purring furiously and ridiculously cute into the bargain!

    All the best,


  4. I did indeed have a great time at Gaelcon, and the Dambusters set-up was fantastic as well as a cracking game, loved the little touches to the model including seagulls, an Alsatian dog on top of one of the gun emplacements, not to mention a courting couple in a row boat!!

    Young Flashman a fine addition to the Kinch household, full of life and curiosity

    Again thanks are due to "Conrad" for being a great host and to all the lads there for making my visit most enjoyable, General Gorman and his team deserve a standing ovation for their efforts in making the event such a success in very trying circumstances

  5. I'll upload those photos tonight for you...

  6. Wow!! Big Lancs and terrific terrain, what's not to like!!

  7. Splendid stuff, and and good to see you back in the ether.