Thursday, August 22, 2013

FV 432

This looks considerably less green in reality. 

I fear I may have made a dreadful mistake. I was hoping to get a bit more work done on my FV 432, so I finished stowing them the other day.  I undercoated them in Army Painter spray black, which gave good coverage and was going to form the basis of the black parts of the camouflage.

Moving onto the next step, I masked off portions of the vehicle with blu-tac and gave it a blast of Tamiya British Green which seemed as good a choice as any. The result have been really dark, the picture above actually looks better than the model does in reality, mainly I suspect because of the flash.

I had hoped to be able to breeze through these in time for a game on Saturday. It doesn't look like that is going to happen. Frankly, I should have listened to this chap


  1. Never thought of using Blu Tak. What a good idea.

  2. Add a fairly heavy drybrush of 'dust' - that'll lighten it a lot.

  3. If it looks 'considrably less green' then that sounds right. My experience of British kit in the '80s and '90s (not as the 'real thing', but as a CCF officer) is that the black and green was usually faded and both had the same depth of colour (I'm not expressing this properly, dam'). However, it did seem to me that all the corners of vehicles were painted black.

  4. The colours mightn't be quite to your liking, but I think the blu-tac and spray combo has gotten a good result on the way the two tones meet, a little bit of fading from one to the other, works nicely.

  5. That green looks far too bright. However if you give it a dark wash with umber or even one of those fancy newfangled dip stains (or use matt wood stain!) it should tone it down sufficiently.

    Or, as an experiment, dry brush with a dark bronze green. I know dry-brush is supposed to be a lighter shade, but thinking outside the box....

  6. My first thought was the same as Tim's. A fast drybrush will lighten that up, I think.