Monday, June 23, 2014

There was this little French cafe

First blush

I'm afraid I've been neglecting you of late as things have been extremely busy. I haven't had much chance to crack on with anything hobby related. This is a pity and there has been some very nice material to work on. 

(And Foy, I haven't forgotten - your package lies half finished as I write this. I just gave up trying to match horse to rider at 03.30 and will approach it with a clear head in the evening.)

This is a very fancy laser cut MDF French cafe very kindly sent me by Colin at Starfort miniatures. It isn't available just yet, but will be very shortly. Mr. E gave me a wonderful gift of some Sgt. Mess 'Allo 'Allo figures at Christmas and they needed somewhere to stay. The kit itself is so new that it doesn't even have instructions yet, but even I managed to get the above together in relatively short order with some help from a passing Engineer Du Gourmand. 

Looking good

The kit itself is made of laser cut 3mm pretreated MDF. I will be gluing it when I put it together, which will hopefully be later this week, but even just roughly dry assembled it holds together relatively well.  There is a little bag of exterior detailing to be added to the outside, including cafe signs and some beautiful, delicately cut windows.   I expect my British London Division fellas to be rolling through and complaining about the lack of a decent cup of tea before too soon. 

Puppy in a bucket

On a completely unrelated note - I saw this chap today and couldn't resist taking a picture. 

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