Friday, October 7, 2016

Casting session

The closest I get to competent DIY

A few weeks ago (actually over a month ago at this stage)* , I pulled out the old casting equipment and set to.  I will be busy come November, so I thought I'd try and get a head start on the Christmas casting. 

The Holy Families gathering 

Mrs Kinch got me a Nativity set for Christmas last year and hinted rather firmly that she would like one cast for this year.  I would like to make one for my Godmother as well, I thought I better get weaving.  I got quite a bit done and even snuck in a few Guardsmen towards the end. 

I have gotten a little better at casting and will work up the courage to vent a mould any day now.  I have started warming the moulds in the oven before hand which seems to help some of the flow problems.  It is certainly more effective than allowing the moulds to warm up through use. Another little lesson learned. 

Every day is a school day. 

*Entries are at Joy & Forgetfulness are written as and when I feel like it. And published in much the same way. 


  1. Looking forward to seeing them painted. You can't beat a good Nativity set I say.

  2. Your a brave man casting indoors , metal type can effect casting as well , Tony

  3. I started gaming with the old Prince August Napoleonic casting kit. I still get the odd twinge of nostalgia and think I wouldn't mind giving it another go...

  4. Very nice. I trust you wore a dress shirt tucked in along with a necktie and Brylcreem (ala one Mr. Featherstone) for this casting session?

    Best Regards,


  5. A light dusting of unscented talcum powder helps too!

  6. Kinch, my wife has a strict "no casting inside the house" rule. Mostly because she knows what a klutz I am. Mine is done in the garage. As for venting molds. One rule to always remember. The vents go up. Always. Vented one sideways one time and the metal just runs out the vent. It doesn't necessarily have to go to the top of the mold, just make sure it has to go uphill, so the air will go and the metal will stop.