Monday, July 30, 2018

Lead Adventure Pysker

Blind Eyes

There is a small part of me that will always have a soft spot for the dark future of the 41st millennium.  The setting has always been rather better than the games in many ways, but strangely I always seem to find myself coming back to it.  I've never quite managed to recapture the anarchic freewheeling atmosphere games of Rogue Trader that we played using a mix of Heroquest figures and others in the early nineties - but I do enjoy painting suitable figures from time to time. 

From the rear

This lady is a something (I think a navigator maybe?) from the Lead Adventure Astropolis Kickstarter.  She shares a lot of the gothic punk sensibility of the early Rogue Trader figures and I've painted her up as a sort of blind Psychic. I think her cane is a sort of dowsing rod or possibly operates like a lightning conductor by siphoning off excess psychic energy. 

I think the canister on her back is connected to her inhaler which probably contains a bizarre stimulant, something like Semuta from the Dune books, for example. 

The Lead Adventure figures a fantastic and look like they've stepped off the set of a David Lynch film.  I hope to get some more of these painted over the coming months - but I won't rush them. They are a pleasure to be savoured and since I won't be using them for games, there's no rush. 

This lady was a lot of fun to paint, but to be honest I am not entirely sure why she has a brass apron.

But leaving all that grim darkness behind, I saw some lovely new cygnets - at least they were new when I started this blog post, they are probably big boys now.   Watching swans on the canal never fails to cheer me. 

The Kinchlets confront Flashman about his drinking. 

The Kinchlets are well.  Arthur is constantly climbing and the LadyBaby has started talking.  I'm not sure if this bodes well for the future, but her third word was "shoes". She is very fond of shoes, we've learned. 


  1. I'm sure the cane is for lashing young whippersnappers who have no idea what young ladies like her had to do to go to school back in her day. Kinchlets are magnificent, and appear to be growing madly.

  2. Poor Flashman might be further driven into the solace of the bottle by this sort of attention! But the children look lovely. And so big already. Where does the time go?

    Best Regards,


  3. Lovely work on the LAF figure. You're right: they do capture all that's best about the the 40k universe. I must pick some up some time.

  4. Nice paintwork on the psyker! And nice pics of swans/cynets and Kinchlets/cat.

  5. Your figure looks great. l have the astropolis figures awaiting painting and l agree they are excellent figures. Their renaissance figures are wonderful and worth a look too.

  6. What a cracking piece of work! Good luck with the shoes!

  7. Yes I think the 40K fluff/ background was always better than the GW games , am tempted with the new 'Kill Team' game .

  8. I really like the approach you took on the mini. I got the KS as well, but haven't even started it yet, your work may serve as inspiration!

  9. So shoes but no breeches, oh dear, could be some difficult years ahead.

    I suppose one could design one's own dystopian scifi world?