Sunday, February 10, 2019

Latest update - #Squaduary2019

Games Workshop Negavolt Cultists

I finished these guys on Friday and they were a complete pain in the neck. Awkward, fiddly and completely unsatisfying to paint. However, they are finished and that is the main thing. I really like Blackstone Fortress and I love the idea of being able to play with a complete set of painted figures, so they just had to be done. These were painted as part of #Squaduary2019, which is a month long project by some wargamers to get some stuff done. There's actually been quite a bit of work done and you can see the results here.

I think I might have to paint a proper 1/32 scale toy soldier next though, just to get the taste out of my mouth.


Savage and I have been discussing what our wargaming project will be this year and we've settled on Stalingrad.  Having looked at the available scenarios,  it has come to my attention that there are about half a dozen Overlord* Stalingrad scenarios that are roughly balanced (i.e. have a win/loss ratio of no more than 60/40). 

What we’re proposing is an ambitious plan to play the battle of Stalingrad in its entirety, over 5-6 overlord games over two days. This would be two days of three games each, probably two successive Saturdays during the summer.

Savage has volunteered to create bespoke terrain covering key Stalingrad landmarks like Pavlov’s house, the Grain Silo and the Tractor Factory. We would build two boards, one for the battles in Autumn and a second one covering Winter battles. Savage hopes to be able to produce specific winter terrain for the later battles, so the whole thing should look pretty impressive.

For figures we’ll be using my existing collection of 1/72 figures with some new stuff for the winter battles.

Barmaley Fountain

This is the Barmaley Fountain in Stalingrad and I've been trying to find someone who makes it in something like 15mm or 20mm.  Any ideas? It's such an iconic image of the city that it would be odd to leave it out of the game. Also, click on the link above to read the story of Barmaley, which is a bit peculiar. 

Does anyone know of a commercially produced one? 

*6-8 player team games. 


  1. In 10mm......


    There are also 28mm and 1/35th options

  2. Love the sound of the Stalingrad project! I hope it makes it onto the blog.

  3. Replies
    1. I’ve grown less fond of it as it ages - it’s grown more codified and sanitized. My preferred era is the Rogue Trader period.

  4. Interesting and fiddly sci-fi figures which remind me of the Stargard Britain’s tentacled 54mm Aliens shortlived 1980s figures.
    Squaduary is a new one to me, still working through FEMbruary

    1. Well it seems to have passed me by as well. I’m using this as an opportunity to knock off a few figures and reconnect with some folks if lost touch with.

  5. Hey, I feel your pain, but I like your Cultists ... they are so whacky Sci-Fi I may just pick up a pack myself