Sunday, December 18, 2022

Review: The Wargaming Compendium by Henry Hyde

I have started experimenting with YouTube a little, mainly because it offers the chance to record something short and to the point without too much prep.  A friend of mine asked my opinion of "The Wargaming Compendium" by Henry Hyde - in short it's rather good, but pricey for the new wargamer who will benefit most from it. 

I might do some more of these. 



  1. A most interesting idea, l look forward to seeing more of these.

  2. Good review. Just thought I'd mention that Naval and Miltary Press now have it at £17.99: (they have a flat rate of £4.25 postage so it's worth buying a fair number of other books at the same time as they have many excellent volumes very heavily discounted). :-)

  3. Conrad, old bean! Good to hear you. Though of you and figured I would check your blog. Hope all is well with your and yours in at the end of March 2023. A fantastic book, what?

    Kind Regards,


  4. That book has the look I’m I drop it on my toe, my toe would not exist any more. Thanks for the review Mr K