Wednesday, January 18, 2012

French Guard Grenadiers a Cheval by SHQ

Le Gros Frere

I've been working mustering forces for Waterloo for quite some time now. The Anglo-Dutch forces didn't present much difficulty, though I will have to reorganise my filing system to take account of the influx of Dutchmen. However, I did have to grapple with the problem of French Guard Heavy Cavalry or specifically, the Horse Grenadiers of the Guard.

These are not available in plastic, so I had to look at the available figures in metal. I've had good experiences with Pete and Ray at SHQ and they didn't disappoint. When there was a problem with my order, they rectified it immediately. Sterling service.

French Guard Grenadier A Cheval at rest by SHQ

The figures arrived and as you can see they are virtually flash free. There are unfortunately two flies in the ointment*. Firstly, the command pack contains two officers and a chap with an eagle and therefore lacks the trumpeter who usually graces my French cavalry units.

Secondly, as you can see above getting the chaps to sit their horses properly is a bit difficult and will require some work with a craft knife and file. I was thinking about my own experience of riding and thought maybe that the rider could be rising in his stirrups. But then, the whole squadron can hardly be doing that!

That said, I am happy with the figures themselves, which have a pleasing heft and solidity that I expected of this most iconic of Napoleonic corps.

*I recently came across the origin of this particular phrase while reading Ecclesiastes. It was a strange, touching someone across an ocean of time moment.


  1. I've never seen the SHQ Gren a Chev, so thanks for showing this. Fitting the chaps on the horses for SHQ used to be in the final exam for the Higher National Diploma in metalwork. You need a 1/2 inch round file. Bend the riders' legs outwards a little so that he at least gets on the horse, then grind away at his sitting area with the round file. Do not overdo this. He should then sit nicely on his horse. It will, however, take some skill with the paintbrush to correct the surprised expression on his face.

  2. Metal Detector,

    I saw the HAT ones, they lack command figures and I don't really like them to be honest.

  3. They look reet nice, going 20mm metal myself I think for Napoleonics, do you howthey compare to Newline?