Friday, January 27, 2012

From the Work Bench - Air Samarra

The above is a snapshot taken with my camera phone. As regular readers are aware, I painted up a Britain Islander for Donogh as a Christmas present. The idea being that the aircraft AS-1 would the flagship aircraft of the Samarran state carrier, Air Samarra. Samarra being of course, the fictional African state that Donogh will be fighting over later in the year at a large game run by the Green Machine club in Kildare.

Do not concern yourself dear reader, this post does not mark a sea change in the subject matter of this blog. We shall be back to horse and musket presently. But for those of you whose tastes run to the grubby and plebian 20th century, the figures above are for you. As every airline afficianardo knows, you cannot have an airline without air hostesses. The two examples are courtesy of Mr Kurpowski of the United States. I believe they were Soviet weather girls in a previous life, but I think you'll agree they make superb air hostesses. Mrs Kinch and Cousin Basil advised on the uniform, which is rather fetching if I say so myself. Though Cousin Basil's interest gave me some pause - it's not too far of an interest in soft furnishings...

The chap in the man of destiny pose in the middle is a Liberation Miniatures African dictator who has taken up a new career as an airline pilot. I added aviator sunglasses made of greenstuff and a Comrade Bob style leopardskin hat. The uniform will also feature a lot more gold. I'm not entirely happy with the sculpting on the hat and glasses, but I think a lick of paint will improve things.

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  1. Fetching stewardesses, but the pilot looks rather sketchy. I wonder if they will pass out cheap cigarettes to the passengers in flight, as Aeroflot used to do in the 1970s. That was one plane trip I'll never forget!

  2. Interesting. My only trip behind the Iron Curtain was a holiday in Bulgaria in 1987. It was an experience.