Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The humble A4 document box, the workhorse of my miniatures storage

The arrival of a new batch of figures has forced my hand and off I went to Tesco to get some more document boxes. Tesco are definately the spot to go to as they are significantly (40-50 per cent) cheaper than going to a stationary store. I base my figures with magnetic signage material to that they could be stored in tool boxes. However, I found that the tool box itself didn't hold as much as I'd like and it was also very heavy. There were mentions in the wargaming press of gamers using A4 box files lined with steel paper. I'd never seen it myself, but I ordered some steel paper from Magnetic Displays and I haven't look back since.

The stuff that makes it all happen

I've realised that my previous system of two regiments per box may be unrealistic. Firstly because it doesn't tie in particularly well with how I use the majority of my figures and secondly because it means that there is empty space in my boxes that could be used to hold additional figures. The boxes were organised to hold two Charge! regiments and associated hangers on, while I generally play Command & Colours Napoleonics these days.

I would shift from fitting six units per box to eight. This would substantially reduce the amount of boxes required.

The Finished product,
with some John Cunningham Sepoys in evidence

The net result is that there is going to have to be a reorganization of the collection, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm also going to have to start a set of box files for my Cold War Collection and the Indian Collection.

The long term plan is to dress the boxes up, but I think I'll need a wargames room that has a solid floor and some solid shelving for that first!


  1. Hi CK,

    The old box file tales a lot of beating for storage IMHO. I shall need to acquire a few myself so a timely reminder Mr. K!

    All the best,


  2. This looks like a very effective and practical way around the storage/transport problem. I might just have to make the switch.

    Best regards,


  3. I use file boxes for most of my figures, as Dave Crook said they take a lot of beating!! Saw then on sale in Asda over the weekend for £2...bargin!!

  4. Me too but I don't use the magnetic stuff...

    All my stuff that's less than 25mm tends to be based on 30mm square bases so I use these to stop them sliding around - it fits inside the storage box..


    ....for the smaller guys (15mm) I can even stack them two deep in the same box, doubling capacity...

  5. I had no idea there was such a thing as steel paper. I put magnets on my bases and then put the figures in cookie tins. Downside of that is I have to eat the cookies first. Your approach is less fattening

  6. DC,

    They are fantastic - though I think the next step is to make them look pretty. I have every intention of having them look well on a shelf.

  7. Stokes,

    Storage really becomes an issue when you need to transport troops to play a game. Is that something you're planning on doing?

  8. Ray,

    Grab them when you see them. I still regret not buying more when Tesco had them on sale for 1.50, rather than the 4.00 I'm paying now. Though it's still better than the stationary stores, which are 7.50-9.99 per unit.

  9. Steve,

    I can see your point with large multibased figures, but I'm a single figure man and it really helps keep the chaps under control. Otherwise you're only one dropped box away from chaos!

  10. Padre,

    I used to do that until I discovered that I couldn't get that brand of biscuits anymore. The advantage of the document box is that they are a standard size and therefore stack more easily.

  11. The A4 box is the staple for most wargamers. I've got some shallow A4 boxes (about 1/2 the depth of standard ones) for my 6mm Russian tanks but they cost 2x as much to buy. So half the space for twice the price - go figure!

  12. Any US readers know where I can find this in the US?

    I can't find it via google.