Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From the work bench - Horse Grenadiers of the Guard

I finally finished the trimming, filing and clipping necessary to get the Grenadiers to sit their horses. These are the last unit I need for my Hundred Days games.

I had trim the blanket roll so that the tails of the coat would fit. Also trimmed the inner thighs of the horsemen until they fit saddle. As Foy has said this is something akin to GCSE metalwork.

The Eagle bearer and Officer (with curiously waggly sword), all that remains is the musician. Clive of Vintage Wargaming has sent me a bugler, but I haven't tried him out yet. I think I may have to strip him first (ooo'er Matron).


  1. I expect 'Strip the Bugler' could become a popular party game...

  2. in my experience bugler usually gets shot when he blows Revielle at ungodly hours

    Grenadiers-a-Cheval trumpeter has a lovely uniform with a white busby , makes a great target

  3. I can't wait to see these all painted on their black horses! The trumpeter needs a white one!

    These look to be very nice sculpts!