Thursday, February 23, 2012

Competition Time!

Kinch decided to celebrate in typically restrained fashion

With Jim Duncan onboard, Joy and Forgetfulness has reached 100 followers. I can't say I ever say this happening. The blog was founded on 2nd of October, 2008 and has had 312 posts since then. Looking over the content, there haven't really been any significant themes, other than liking the Command & Colours games and having a yen for Napoleonics. Unless of course you count a fondness for bad jokes and 19th century verse.

I don't post rules like Ross or scenarios like Donogh. The blog is mainly a collection of ramblings. But I've certainly enjoyed it and it appears others have to. I'm quite surprised that it has lasted this long to be honest, as I'm pretty poor at sustained effort as a general rule.

But to celebrate this occasion, we're going to have a competition.

The competition is open to followers (old or new) of this blog only.

Please leave a comment below explaining why you read "Joy & Forgetfulness", a link to your favourite post and what you'd like to see some more of.

The winner will be chosen by a secret process known only to the initiated, though truth me told there will most likely be some slips of paper and a hat involved.

The prize is €25. This can either be sent directly to you by stuffing used readies in an envelope or by paypal or it can be in shape of war games goodies which I will order and send to you. The €25 does not include postage however.

The closing date is the 28th of this month.

Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure. I look forward to another four years, if the Lord spares us.


  1. I read your blog because of its quirky ramblings - theres always somthing new .

  2. Why? Because your as gently mad as me.

  3. Conrad, I read your blog because you cover such a variety of subjects - from Command 7 Colours games through mystery firearms, larger scale figures, and even real life. Naming a favourite post was fairly easy, but before I do so I'd like to give an honourable mention to 'The 1:1 terrain project' A view of the reality of life is often just as interesting as pictures of toys, and I particularly enjoyed the photo of the dodgy wiring in the shed! A clear winner, however, is 'A Good End' about your Grandmother who was clearly a great influence on you as indeed was mine to me.
    Keep up the good work, and in the event of me being declared the winner please donate the prize to the (ideally non-religious) charity of your choice.

  4. Damned decent of you, old chap! And congrats on your 100 followers, too.

    So many entries to choose from; where to start? I must say generally that I like your style of humour; maybe something the Irish and Australians share (or it might just be me!). The entry on horse gunners ( from last year with your clip of the RHA going through their paces was an excellent embellishment on an otherwise standard post on the latest figures off your worktable.

    As to what I want to see more of, I wouldn't presume to tell you how to run your blog, except to say more of the same, please!

  5. Congratulations, Conrad! I read your blog because of the sense of fun that peaks through whatever you happen to write about on any given day. That, and it's well-written. Plain and simple.

    Best Regards,


  6. I think I read you for both the slightly dry yet erudite humour and the insight into the rather laissez-faire approach you have to these things in the Emerald Isle, some take it all a bit seriously...

    I won't point to a favourite post A) because I' not sure I could chose one and B) it will rule me out of the prize...which I seem to recall wining here once before!

    Many happy returns! Cheers


  7. Pick me, kind sir! Here is my favorite post...

    I enjoy your sense of humor mostly, but also your more reflection-oriented prose. It's satisfying to meet a human on the internet!

  8. I mostly come for the free beer, cigars, and chorus girls. Oh, sorry, I was thinking of somewhere else.

    I enjoy your blog because it manages to be both self-effacing, erudite, stylistically elegant, witty, and often profound. Oh, sorry, I was thinking of my blog.

    No really, I come here for a laugh, a good idea, and for your wry take on life. And frankly, who else in the hobby knows anything about Anatole France, for goodness sake?

    A good example of why I like this blog is your recent Spanish guns and gunners post, which has a wonderful excursus on your time in the book trade (how many lives have you had - a lot for a young man, it seems), a few clever swipes at some friends, an amusing picture of St. Francis, and Spanish penninsular war gunners. How cool is all that?

    Bash on, sir.

  9. Hi CK,

    Having looked back over every single post from inception until the wee small hours (the lure of Euro 25 being a particular incentive die to my pending unemployment!) I would have to say the following was my particular favourite:

    It is in fact two posts in one and each part is worthy of mention in its own right. The first because of the clear and succinct description of the task in hand and the second, describing that paragon of virtue, General Du Gorman for sheer unadulterated entertainment value!

    I could not help but think of Flashman's description of Elphinstone when I read this and still cannot do so without raising a smile.

    There are others to be sure but thing I can always rely on when reading your posts is not that they provide much in terms of sheer, cold hard detail but by God Sir, they are a thundering good read and are always very well written!

    Long may they continue.

    All the best,


  10. Your as mad as a bucketful of frogs, but with occasional and unexpected peaks of great poignancy.... what's not to like??? :o))

  11. Conrad

    I read your blog because it alternates between intelligence and silliness with a pinch of practicality and occassionally goes over the top (in other words it's like me). My favourite posts featured you home renos (seems to me these cam in early 2011).

    What I'd like to see in the future: more of the same.



  12. My goodness, a little claim to fame for being your 100th follower. I know that fame in this case is purely down to arithmetic and chance and all that but how many wargames themselves are dependent on chance and a few numbers.

    The real reason that I became a follower of this blog and a few others is that wargaming is largely a collective experience which explains why clubs and wargames shows (conventions to those West of the Pond) have sprung up here and there over the last few decades. The amicality and convenience of the internet is just a more modern facet of that collectiveness which does nothing to demean the clubs and shows but everything to enhance their position within this greatly loved hobby of ours.


  13. Congrats on the Big C!

    I'm not saying that your blog doesn't include pretty pictures or interesting and even useful stuff, it does, but why I really come is for the pleasure of the company.

    So, if the hat chooses me, don't send money, gather some of the lads at a pub, order a round, including one for me and swap some war stories.

  14. Conrad
    The others have said it all really but I'd like to add myself to your list because you were kind enough to take the time and be one of the first to comment on my own blog, even though I'm still a relative newcomer with a mere 17 followers. I've found comments on my blog have kept up my spirits and added to a new found enthusiasm so thank you for helping. Why I come to you regularly is it became clear to me from your anecdotes in CWJ that you have a very unusual sense of humour which is reflected in nearly every posting, but I also like your take on real life, such as when you tried to put a value on your collection in the context of theft. And while maybe the toys on your blog are not competition winning standard you show everyone who cares to visit that this wonderful hobby is fun with even basic equipment, and anyone can do it. Please keep it up and many thanks for an enjoyable read.

  15. Conrad,
    I read your blog because you game with plastic 1/72 figures. But I get so much more than that. Whether it is dry comments, apparently but not really random images, or pure joy at some silly corner of gaming - it always lightens my day. So like others say, keep giving us more!
    One observation though - I could not find my favourite post because you don't seem to have a list of your labels. You might want to put that somewhere.
    And if the hat chooses me, please send the money to an appropriate charity (a needy gamer or some historical preservation group).

  16. Thank you very much chaps!

    Padre, I have a confession I don't know that much about Anatole France as I've only read his short stories. I took the quotation from "Achtung Swinehundt" a rather excellent book by Harry Pearson. My tastes in French authors tend to run to Dumas, De Maupassant, Camus and De Rostand.

  17. Dear Joy,
    One reads your blog because you seem one of the better sort who smoke a pipe and know that Dr.Livesay served at Fontenoy. Really quite enough for gentleman, don't you agree?

  18. Achtung Schweinhund is a cracking good read. I really must buy my own copy one day.

  19. Long-time listener, first-time caller...
    Suffice to say that I enjoy reading the blog much like I enjoy the ramblings of any dilettante. It's the way you tell the stories, rather than the actual content!
    Seriously though, the easy and conversational style is unchanged whether talking about French dragoon buttons or home improvement disasters.
    Not a style I'm comfortable using, but damned comfortable to read - and it's obviously attracted a lot of loyal readers.
    Off the top of my head, my favourite post is this one:
    whereby you decry the artwork of a certain game (but mostly act as a priest for an artist's rage)

    I'd like to see more generalship/player style articles, with some hints on what battlefield behaviour to look for in choosing a subordinate etc.

    Here's to a hundred more!


    I'd like to