Friday, February 24, 2012

BMP 2s from Shaun

A shot from the top, I think I've put the ATGM in the right spot

A package from Shaun at S&S arrived a few days ago and I finally managed to take time to do some work on them. There was a grab bag of stuff for Savage, Mr E and I. My part of the package was three BMP 2's for my Soviet Motor Rifle troops and a Spartan. This should allow me to field a platoon of jackbooted Soviets, which is plenty for Force on Force.

As I write this in the kitchen, Mrs Kinch and Cousin Basil serenade me. They sing rather well.

Zay hallo to my lettel toavarish...

I haven't really worked with resin in nearly ten years, so I was a little anxious approaching them. I girded my craft knife and set to work. The castings cleaned up rather well, if I say so myself and should be ready to transport to Soviets any day now. Shaun's work is certainly up to snuff and certainly beats the alternative of wrestling with any of the plastic kits currently on the market.

Mrs Kinch and Basil continue to sing. Mrs Kinch tells me that all men are the same and slaps Basil.

For those of us in the cheap seats, the BMP 2 is the sequel to the BMP 1, a Soviet (I suppose I should say Russian now) armoured personnel carrier armed with a 30mm cannon and an AT-5 Spandrel antitank missile. It carries a squad of troops armed with Kalashnikovs, RPGs and a belief in the inevitable triumph of global Communism. The idea was these chaps could be conveyed through NATO artillery barrages, they would then dismount and murder the chaps in the regimental berets.

This didn't work out so much in Afghanistisn*, so the tactic that they adopted was a thing called the "bonegruppa". The infantry would dismount several hundred yards from the objective and begin an assault on foot, while the BMP-2s would either as a blocking or a flanking force supporting the infantry.

Mrs Kinch is a material girl apparently. Cousin Basil is curiously silent on the matter.

We'll see how that works out on the tabletop.

*This is when the Afghans were noble savages fighting global communism.

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  1. My dear fellow:
    I think you may be the first person in the History of the Internet to combine the topics of Soviet APCs and Broadway showtunes. I may be wrong - someone can google this, but I suspect it's a safe bet.
    Thanks for the link to the Defying Gravity piece. I adore the lovely and talented Ms. Chenoweth but I must say, after seeing this train wreck, I wouldn't want to be on a desert island with her.

    The BMPs look splendid, though not as splendid as Ms. Chenoweth. Is Cousin Basil a tenor, bass, or baritone?