Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tabletop Teaser Campaign

"Kinch has written a new mini campaign!"
"The swine!"

I was very taken with Jeffs suggestion that we attempt to cobble campaigns together from the available scenarios in “Scenarios for All Ages”. You can find a catalogue of our efforts here.

However, I was thinking that perhaps it might be better to attempt the same thing with the Tabletop Teasers that were so generously made available by Steve the Wargamer and Charles Grant on Steve Tabletop Teasers page. This would mean that we would have campaigns available that don’t rely on the player owning a book that currently out of print and is rather hard to get your hands on.

You’ll find my effort below. It is as always a horse and musket treatment of the subject and I have quite deliberately stayed away from the more modern offerings and the Vikings.

All of the scenarios needed can be found here.

The Scene

The war continues in Spain and two armies, one Allied, one French snake across the plains of La Mancha in a flurry of marching and counter-marching. This has continued for several weeks and both armies are beginning to reach the end the end of their endurance. Someone will have to strike a blow soon.

Scenario One: Advance Guard Action at the Guadiana

The advance guards of both armies clash over control of strategic points. As this is the first armed encounter since the antagonists left winter quarters, the result here will have implications for the rest of the campaign. Lose here and crucial momentum will have been lost, which is very difficult to regain.

Scenario Two: The Dawn Attack at Monte Aragon

Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. After the victory at the Guadiana, the pursuit was not as unrelenting as it should have been. The victor of scenario one is caught napping in his tents by a sudden counter-attack of the supposedly fleeing foe.

Scenario Three: The Rear Guard at Tomessellino

As the retreat continues the army defeated in scenario one mounts a stern defence. This may blunt the attack of the advancing army and finally turn the tables.

If the attacker wins this scenario, play scenario 4a.
If the defender wins this scenario, play scenario 4b.

Scenario 4a: The Hasty Relief and Defence of the Town of Borges

With the enemy snapping at their heels, the retreating army takes refuge in the town of Borges. Summoning reinforcements, they hope to hold out long enough.

Scenario 4b: Hold up in the Badlands

With the advancing enemies momentum finally running out, the retreating army attempts to halt the attackers by mounting a defence in some difficult terrain.

I'm going to try and play these (probably solo) using Command & Colours Napoleonics. In which case I'll be scoring the campaign with one point for a victory and two points for a crushing victory where the victor doubles the losers victory points.

Thanks again to Jeff for coming up with the idea, Charles Grant for writing them in the first place and Steve for hosting them on his website.


  1. Seriously - don't thank me, thank Charles Grant - all I did was shamelessly rip them off, and then go hat in hand, in a cringing Heep like manner, to ask him for permission to keep hosting them...

  2. A great idea for a campaign!

  3. A greta idea for a campaign!

  4. I have added it to "list of 'mini-campaigns'" in both EvE and Saxe-Bearstein . . . and corrected several "bad links" at the same time.

    So to see your "mini-campaigns", go here:


    -- Jeff