Monday, February 27, 2012

BMP 2 - Work in Progress

BMP 2 - first spraying

Spent a splendidly lazy day with Mrs Kinch today, our first full day together since her mother got ill. It was wonderful. I did a spot of pottering, putting together a unit of Spanish light infantry (I took your advice Foy) and a little work on a book project.

But lastly, I glued on the last of the ATGM mounts to my BMPs and started spraying. I rather cheated and looked up a Soviet armour tutorial on the Guild.

Getting that ATGM launcher to stick wasn't easy

I began the second part of the process, spraying the vehicles green - when I had to stop. My war games room is quite big and has a large window, but the Army painter spray is just too strong. Phew - a job for the morning when it's light out side.

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  1. I am very sure that Mrs. Kinch will very much prefer that you spray outdoors rather than in . . . and domestic calm is much preferable to the alternative.

    -- Jeff

  2. Those lazy days with one's spouse are the best kind.

    Best Regards,


  3. Always best to spray paint in an outbuilding or the garden - especially if you wish to retain the tolerance of the domestic authorities.