Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jeff's Campaign Challenge

Bluebear Jeff posted a very interesting challenge on his blog. The idea is to create a mini campaign using the scenarios in Scenarios for Wargamers. Steve, Ross and others have already posted their versions - so I think I shall have to try my hand at it.

It's 1804 and a British expeditionary force has been landed to support a French Royalist uprising at Clochmerle. This has been, as is traditional, a complete disaster and the expeditionary force are marching to Nouvion, the nearest port which is being held by the Royal Navy, for the traditional evacuation.

The campaign is made up of the following four scenarios.

1) Scenario 42 - Advance Column

In this scenario, the pursuing French are catching up with the British who are attempting to hold them up before they manage to get into open country.

In the event of a French victory play 2a.

In the event of a British victory play 2b.

2a) Scenario 50 - Horse & Foot

The French having won the previous battle, have managed to keep the British on the run rather than just retreating. In this scenario they must keep on the pressure.

2b) Scenario 8 - Dead Ground

The redcoats have turned at bay and have ensconced themselves in a good defensive position. The French, assuming the British are whipped and rather than take the time to outflank the position, pile straight in.

Then play scenario three.

3) Scenario 6 - Rear Guard

The British have arrived at their destination with the French hot on their heels. This scenario is a miniature sort of Corunna, so it's perfect.


Carry the losses over from game to game. I would use the Grantian formula of a third dead, a third wounded and a third return to the Colours immediately. The wounded return to the Colours after a break of one game. The loser of the battle does not get his wounded figures back.

Victory Conditions

Whoever wins Rear Guard, wins the campaign.

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  1. A worthy addition to the collection of campaigns.

  2. Thanks, Conrad. I've now posted a link on my blogs.

    -- Jeff