Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A touch of Borsch

Motor Rifleman with an RPK 

In preparation for some more Cold War shenanigans, I've been slowly tipping away at a few more Soviet Motor Riflemen. These are some rather beautiful figures from Matt at Elheim and they really are something. 

A very dapper sniper

I never tire of this chap, I just love the pose. Motor Rifle Platoons were issued a single Dragunov which was given to a Platoon Marksman. I imagine this chap thinks he's Leningrad's answer to Robert De Niro in the Deer Hunter. 

Two Riflemen 

This completes my Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon. The TOE (culled from a variety of sources) for one of those is as follows. 

Platoon Leader
Radio Operator

There are two free seats in the BMP-2, so the Platoon Leader and his radioman bunk in with one of the sections. 

BMP-2 (three of these)

Section Leader
BMP Driver
BMP Gunner
RPG-7 Gunner
RPK Gunner
Four Riflemen

And what is this???


  1. A white elephant.

    A rarity, good luck for a new home and something to not talk about if its in the room. Could be handy for C&C wargames in India too.

    1. I suspect you may be on to something there with India.

  2. I do like your Soviets, very nice finish on them.



  3. The pallid elephantine figure is, of course, the latest Russian personnel and weapons carrier of the BMP range: Bally Massive Pachyderm.

    1. It's rare to meet a keen eyed elephant spotter - well done sir!

  4. A HaT / C%S elephant looking, I must say, significantly prettier than it does in the picture at PSR. Now I must find a stick with which to beat off the magpie. Excuse me.


  5. I think the Archduke has it right. Of course, the BMP needs an armoured howdah with room for a rifle section (rapid mounts/dismounts could be awkward) and a variant ATGM elephant with a SAGGER mount.
    Your Soviets look terrific.

  6. Now I've seen that I consider myself a veteran!

  7. I have a few spare ESCI/Italieri VDV paratroopers and Spetznaz if you're looking to make a small specops element for your forces.

  8. It's an elephant. Someone seems to have nicked the howdah though (There's a thriving trade in stolen howdahs in the back streets of Mumbai. or so I'm told).