Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Heffalumps & other unfinished things

An unfinished Heffalump 

I spent this morning in the garden, hunting Heffalumps with the assistance of Flashman. Sissi is rather too sensible to go in search of Heffalumps apparently, though she was somewhat discomfited when we found one. 

The above is a HAT Indian elephant from their ancients range, though he will soon be stomping and roaring into the 19th century if I have anything to do with it.  He was painted in spare moments over the last few days with no particular reference other than painting colours that pleased me. 

Resplendent Heffalump

His mahout is looking a little underdressed and will have to be finished off. I'll be mounting him at the rear of a war cart drawn by oxen and mounting a cannon, though I think the oxen, cart and elephant will need to be on seperate bases. 

Two distinctly less attractive creatures

These are Airfix Saracen armoured personnel carriers and they present a far less attractive aspect than the elephant I can tell. They are rather too early for my BAOR and will be doing duty in my Soviet occupied London as transport for the collaborationist militia. With that in mind, I have assembled them as Mark II versions without the desert adaptations.   

Out on patrol

I generally have a horror of Airfix kits - as they are really painful to put together, but these were actually very pleasant as they are ex-JB models I believe.  I took my time putting them together and there were no problems, mysterious gaps or any of the other issues that seem to arise when I put a hand to polystyrene cement. 

Gunner at the rear

I was pondering how to distinguish the two as stowage isn't really an option with police vehicles (it would be stolen for one thing) when I thought of adding a chap to the rear hatch. This fella came with a carrier set that Mrs Kinch got me for Christmas last year and was originally toting a fuel can. I cut him off at the elbows and trimmed the arm to fit. I think he looks rather well actually. I imagine that the Saracen would carry a driver and a section leader/gunner under the Soviets, as I think that was how they organised their BTR squads. 


  1. What is the skin texture like on the elephants?


  2. Rough - it takes drybrushing well.

  3. I keep meaning to get one of the Saracens to go with the Saladin I built a few years back. I agree on the quality of JB Models, they go together with minimal fuss and nice results.

  4. Sultans lived on as squadron and regimental command vehicles in 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment until '76-78 at least. Worth remembering that the old stuff accumulates in piles in the rear echelons long after the teeth arms ditch it.

    Regards, Chris

  5. I am wondering how your elephant looks like when
    you are done with him?

    I thought about making one myself:-))