Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spot of modelling

Grenadier Guards Fifer

Mrs Kinch & Cousin Basil were off treading the boards last night so I settled down to some small jobs. 

There was some work to be done around the house, a chair to fix and I had a very pleasant walk while popping out to pick up the supplies needed to affect the repairs. Then I settled down for an evening watching Colditz and doing a spot I painting. 

This is a display figure for Mrs Kinch's great uncle. He took a fall recently and could do with some cheering up. The gift of Padre Paul* of FLW - he's a Grenadier Guards fifer. Painting instructions came from Ross and damned if I'm not painting another white jacket.

Achilles Crew

My work on my British armour continues apace. This is a HAT tank commander with a Ceasar commando, both of whom will be crewing an Achilles shortly. 

I leaned on the this article from the flames of war website for painting advice and for sheer clarity I doubt you'll do better.

Armourfast Cromwell

The question of stowage, which seems to transform tanks, is making itself known. I've been carefully adding pieces for the last few days and the more I add the more I seem to like it. I finally undercoated my first Achilles yesterday, though I will have to do some more crew for the second one. I've been raiding old sprues and things long considered useless for bits. It's great fun.

This is a HAT Cromwell which I've added some green stuff to. There's a ladder from another kit and some small packs from a box of Valiant Tommies.

Some hessian camouflage was added by cutting up tissues paper and then adding it to the hull with some watered down PVA. Obviously I shall have to see how it looks when it dries, but it does look too bad actually. 

The question is of course is whether I'm building a generic unit or something specific. There's plenty of information available, but I'm not sure I would be better off fielding an armoured troop of the Loamshires as it does rather short circuit the whole tread spotting nonsense. 

Also were there pennants added to tank aerials ever? I'd think I'd rather like some pennants.  

*"Padre Paul, Padre Paul, Padre Paul and his black and white curate. Early in the morning, he goes to matins yawning - Padre Paul's a very happy man."

I'm not sure it will catch on. 

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  1. I've seen the TP and glue thing work well before; you should get some good texture out of it.


  2. Cromwell's looking good... more stowage the better as far as I'm concerned.... to the guys who served in them these were their homes... love this one :o)

  3. Great Fifer ,I look forward to seeing him progress...
    I trust you are feeling better.