Monday, April 22, 2013

One for the album

Squad One

In preparation for a game last week, I finally finished off my Elheim Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon. The BMP-2's were painted by Krisztian, but the figures are all me. I took the TO&E from the "From Kabaul with love" scenario in the Cold War Gone Hot book, though given that my year for the balloon going up is 1979, they are a little late. I shall have to take a PKM and a grenade launcher out of each section to make them right, but that is no particular hardship.

Squad Two

The officer chap with the pistol would actually be carrying an AK, but this makes it a little clearer. The Soviets only had one manpack radio at the platoon level, relying on the radios in their vehicles. One other issue that came to me was the lack of an obviously NCO figure in the soviet packs, a chap pointing or generally looking bossy would be rather good.

Squad Three

I have some decals and weathering to add to the BMPs, but we're ticking along. 

Group Shot "Sergei, stop pulling faces, this one is for the album."

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