Friday, July 5, 2013

Figures for the Sword and the Flame

HAT Askari 

 It looks like my "The Sword and the Flame" project will be a little while yet. I had hoped to begin by playing the sword in Africa – a small unit version of the game. However the figures required while available in 28 mm are a little harder to come by in 20 mm. HAT will produce a lot of very useful figures in their Askari and Ruga Ruga sets but they may be some time.

The figures above have been up on the HAT site for a while, but there's no indication as to when exactly they will be available. 

HAT Ruga-Ruga

These in particular will be useful for native troops armed with muskets and bearers. With the Sword in Africa out of reach for the moment. I shall have to look at the other possibilities. Specifically they are the Zulu wars, the Sudan, the Boer war or the Anglo-Egyptian War. Obviously redcoats will do for all of these but at the moment it's really a question of opposition.  

For my own preference I suppose the real choice is between the Sudan and the Zulu War. The Sudan has the advantage that I can use many of my supposedly Indian figures. The HAT ranges for this conflict are quite extensive.

Why the Zulu War is worth doing needs no explanation! 

Airfix (now HAT) Tarzan (now Jungle Adventure) 

That said if I do play "The Sword and the Flame" in the near future, it will probably be as an Indian adventure using the gear I have already. That said there is a great deal of pleasure to be had in daydreaming about projects.

That said if anybody has a spare Airfix African Adventure/Tarzan set knocking about - I'd certainly give it a good home. 


  1. Okay, that jungle adventure set is worth picking up. In terms of your options, I'd go Sudan. A little more variety of figures, I'd think.


    1. You're probably right. I've managed to pick up a few odds and sods, then there is the vexed question of do I spray the Madhists brown and paint the clothes white or do I spray them white and paint the skin brown?

  2. Perhaps you could do an "Imagi-nations" Colonial thing, then you could mix in whatever you liked.

    1. True. Though in some ways, I'm rather too busy researching the military history of Kala Akaata and Chintal to devote much time to that sort of frivolous pursuit.

  3. The Airfix Tarzan set was one of the ones I had a kid, unfortunately it's long gone by now.