Sunday, July 21, 2013

Regiment Gluchow

Pictures of the Regiment Gluchow from Our Man in Budapest 

These are Russian cuirassiers for Command & Colours Napoleonics. The figures are Zvesda Russian cuirassiers and I think they are particularly lovely. 

Officer & Bugler

Having finished what was probably one of the longest weeks I've spent in work ever - I will hopefully get a chance to make some more progress on the War Room. I would at least like to finish off the ceiling and get some start on the woodwork. We shall see. 

Rear view

The Gluchow Cuirassiers were originally a unit of carbiniers in the 1790s and were converted to cuirassiers at that time.  They served with distinction at the Shevardino Redoubt at the battle of Borodino. 


They served in the Russian army that harried Napoleon out of Russia and also in the 1813 campaigns, being awarded a St. Georges standard for their service. 

Troopers from the side

As I always play the allies, I have never actually had the chance to play with cuirassiers (I've always been on the receiving end), so I'm looking forward to seeing just exactly what sort of damage I can do to Frenchy with these. 

The last thing many a Frenchman every sees

You can hear the thunder of hooves



Banner flying

I must also thank Uwe Wilde of History in 1/72 for his assistance with flag information. The man is an endless flood of erudition. 

Charging off into the sunset.

Le Blesse

I am always eager to have casualty figures as they greatly simplify the business of keeping score when playing Command & Colours Napoleonics. The figures themselves are still with Krisztian in Budapest, but hopefully by the time I get my greasy paws on them, I will have been able to get a table into the War Room.

In other news, welcome aboard to some new followers.

Pierre le Poilu
Surfless in Chicago
Captain Richard's miniature Civil War


  1. Very very nice, I've one regiment of the Zvezda Cuirassiers and they are soooo much nicer than the Hat version

    1. Aren't they? I've never really cared for the HAT cavalry. Some of them aren't bad - like their Cossacks for example - but they lack the pizzazz of Italeri or Zvesda.

  2. A great painting work Conrad! Excellent detail and colours

    1. They are lovely. But all Krisztian's work - I am merely his patron.

  3. These plastic figures have a fineness that metal does not have - wonderful paint job as well !

    1. Zvesda are just so very fine. I would be tempted to add some French cuirrassiers to my collection, but it would seem silly.

  4. Kristian continues to astonish and inspire. A Russo-French clash of curassiers would be an epic thing to see. I live in hope that we one day may see such a thing here.

  5. Agreed. Those are splendid looking cuirassiers.

    Best Regards,


  6. Once again a beautiful paint job all round from your man in Budapest, fine horse shades,

  7. Terrific work on these, just lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


  8. What a fantastic looking unit - you are a lucky boy!