Saturday, July 6, 2013


Three Paltans of Mysorean Infantry

These are Mysorean infantry from Uwe's Wellington in India collection and I think you'll agree that Krisztian has done a bang up job on them. There appears to be a single ranker, a standard bearer and two musicians missing, but I would imagine they are squirrelled away in a box somewhere. These will be doing duty at Assaye, but are also by coincidence quite close to the uniforms worn by the troops of the Rajah of Kaala-Akaata and I'll be using them in that conflict as well. 

The figures themselves are available from Uwe's shop and would encourage you to have a look there. You will find them here.  I have to order some gunners to go with these chaps as soon as I've found some suitable guns, though I think those might be close at hand. 

Officer types importantly pointing 

These are all based and varnished now.  I wish I had realised what a good idea spray varnish was when I was younger as it would have preserved many more of the figures. I tend to go a little overboard with varnish these days, working on the basis that I would rather spend a little extra money on varnish than have figures with flaking paint. 

Two harmless fellows from the supernumerary rank, a drummer (an ESCI Muslim Warrior) and a standard bearer. 

Now that these chaps are based - I must move on to basing two regiment of Spanish infantry that I got from Uwe.  I started basing my Second World War British, but stopped once I realised that Vallejo English uniform (which understandably makes up a large part of their colouring) is the colour I use for my bases. I shall have to find a lighter brown, otherwise they will look like a muddy undifferentiated mass. 

I had been looking forward to a break from work for a little while, but it's looking like that is not going to occur, so the prospect of further progress on the War Room is looking remote at the moment. Oh well.