Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Papers: Part the Eighth

Philosopher Reading by Rembrandt 

It's been a while since I written one of these, it seems silly to post them on a day other than Monday and I just haven't had the time to prepare one in advance.  That and I suppose I haven't seen things that stuck me as worthy of your attention. 

"Play the argument, not the man."

Lloyd again - this is something that is I often find myself struggling with. I'll freely admit there are people I don't listen to because of who they are or because of the political party they belong to. It's a habit I'm trying to break. While I certainly acknowledge the fact that private persons are under no obligation to give anyone a hearing, it's probably a good idea if they do.

That said, there are only so many hours in the day.  I believe I will be honouring this one in the breach more often than not - but I will be trying.  I suppose I think of this a bit more often because I seem to find myself holding the minority opinion in my social circle.  It does I suppose, concentrate your mind wonderfully and force you to think through your own positions in greater depth. Curiously enough I don't think it leads to this sort of carry on.

Going back to the ad hominem attack, it is similar to the trend to substitute biography for literary criticism. The work is no longer discussed because the critic is more interested in discussing the life of author.


I normally try to use these posts to bring worthy things to your attention.  This may not be worthy - but it is hilarious. I've been giggling and humming "potato-na" to myself for days.  The gibberish language is apparently a mixture of English and French, but as Franglish goes it's rather good.

Jolly Old Saint Nick

It seems crazy to be talking about Christmas given the heat we're having - but Ian has decided to cast a broad net this year and the call for subscribers to the Wargamers Secret Santa has begun. I really enjoyed this last year and will be looking forward to it this year. You can find the rest of the details here.

Dr. Édouard de Pomiane

Dr. Édouard de Pomiane was a French scientist of Polish extraction.  I discovered his book "Cooking with Pomaine" last year while on holiday. I am a very poor cook - but I've taken to Pomaine in a way that I didn't expect. Mrs Kinch is an excellent cook and somewhat daunting to have around when you're a beginner. I've found that the best way to approach the problem is to simply present her with a fait accompli; prepare a meal before she has a chance to venture an opinion or advice, which generally leads to her taking over proceedings.

You can find a short TV series taking in some of the sample menus from his "French Cooking in Ten Minutes " here. 

I cannot recommend this chap enough.


  1. Hi Conrad,

    Anybody cooking with such a serious moustache would automatically command my attention....;-)

    He actually conjures up images of one of Nikos Kazantzakis's most famous literary characters - a book that if you have not read it you surely must.

    I am of course referring to Zorba the Greek.

    All the best,


    1. Not a chap I'm familiar with, I shall have to investigate further.

  2. I've been watching Lloyd's videos this last week myself. I had seen his pages on wargaming in the past but never spotted his youtube stuff. Most interesting.

    I've started to spot bits of Japanese in the Minion gibberish. I suspect there's a lot to the language that might make it entirely translatable were you to have a script to google.

    1. I find him very entertaining. He's a guilty pleasure.

  3. I'm glad the cooking French/Polish scientist doesn't have a "t" in his last name!

  4. A link to the cooking videos

  5. My best friend is a dedicated gastronaut. This post enabled me to successfully achieve complete surprise for his birthday present. Thank you very much!

    1. You're welcome Pete. I've taken great enjoyment from his menus.