Thursday, July 4, 2013

Missions Accomplished

While I was sick about six months ago, I wrote a blog entry describing my various projects and how I was getting on with them. Given that the War Room mission is getting bogged down in minutia there hasn't been quite so much work done as I'd hoped, but I thought I'd have a look at how things are going after six months.


I have a few more figures collected, including two Vickers light tanks and a beautiful Rolls Royce Armoured Car. However, actual games are proving somewhat elusive. Definitely one that will have to wait until I have the War Room up and running.

Memoir '44 in 1/72 - MISSION CONTINUING

Definite progress has been made on this project. The British infantry are done and I've collected sufficient British armour to do the first part of the Memoir '44 Normany campaign. I just have to finished painting the armour and get the War Room up and running.

Since then we've also played one complete Memoir '44 campaign, The Tears of Vercours Campaign.

Command & Colours: Napoleonic - The Rajah of Kalaah-Akaata - MISSION CONTINUING

What's interesting about this is that the project has changed and I've started playing these games using "The Sword and the Flame". It's worked well so far, but is going to be relatively slow unless I get the table in the War Room up and running.

You can have a look at our first battle here. 

For Honour & Glory - The War of 1812 - MISSION ABORTED

With so many other interesting projects - I think we can safely say this project has gone for its tea.

Command & Colours: Napoleonics - Dollying up - MISSION COMMENCED

This is proceeding relatively well. I have two diorama pieces in the works and the playsheets are done, so all in all I'm happy with how it's gone.

Command & Colours: Napoleonics - The Russians - MISSION CONTINUING

With almost all the infantry and guns taken care of and substantial progress made on the cavalry, I'm quietly confident about being able to write this one up as completed before the end of the year.

Command & Colours: Napoleonics - The Austrians - MISSION CONTEMPLATED

These will be out before the end of the year, so I will be making a start on them. But no solid progress so far.

Command & Colours: Napoleonics - The Prussians - MISSION PIPEDREAM

I do not believe we will see these this year, so on hold for the time being.

Sharpe Practice - MISSION ABORTED

I've heard very good things about Sharpe Practice, but there's only so much time I can spend gaming and so many games I can play, so I don't think that it's realistic to expect that there will be any games of this sort this year.

So solid progress made on most fronts and two projects removed from the list.

Of course it wouldn't really be a Wargamers List without there having been a project added.

The Sword and the Flame - MISSION COMMENCED

I have thoroughly enjoyed the games of "The Sword and the Flame" that I've played so far and I'm hoping to do a lot more. The problem is of course, picking a theatre and sticking to it.

Lastly, I would like to wish all my American friends a very happy holiday. I hope that you are able to spend it at home with loved ones and that you have a wonderful time.

I'll leave you with a piece of music that is very close to my heart and that instantly brings your home to my mind - God bless you all.


  1. You have indeed done very well given the attack is on such a broad front.


    1. General Eisenhower set a very good example of how to set about it.

  2. "The Sword and the Flame" is really a very enjoyable set of rules. Occasionally it is one-sided; but most of the time it provides a very nail-biting game that comes right down to a final combat.

    -- Jeff

    1. It's really grown on me. Du Gourmand has been casting covetous eyes at "The Sun never sets" campaign system though - which is worrying.

    2. General Du GourmandJuly 4, 2013 at 1:33 PM

      It sounds like a fun campaign idea

    3. I have The Sun Never Sets if anyone wants a gander...

    4. Quiet - he's getting rather too keen on that already!

  3. You've done a lot better than daft old Bush. But, then, you've actualy had some control over what you were trying to do.

    1. Lets not say anything we can't take back Stephen.

  4. Conrad Kinch,

    Considering the constraints you have had to work under, you have done very well indeed. I look forward to seeing your finished wargames room - and the battles you fight therein.

    All the best,


    1. I had hoped to get a pile of work done on Monday - but overtime beckons and will not be denied. Irksome, but there you are.

  5. I think "Mission: Pipedream" should be a permanent addition to the wargaming lexicon.


    1. Noted. By the way, I meant to say it is a pleasure to met a fellow Haggardian.

  6. re: "Mission: Pipedream" - agreed

    You've done well!

    TSATF has a fond place in my memories, as well as in my "wargames shelf".

    Thanks for the well-wishes and the excellent music!

    1. It is rather good isn't it. I noted it in my will as my recessional of choice for my funeral service.

      (failing that Boom Boom Boom by the Vengaboys is the second choice)

  7. Memoir '36 you say? I have a JB Vickers that would love to see the field, and an Italieri Panzer I that I really should build someday....

    1. Then you better get to building Squire.

    2. I just got myself those rather spiffy HaT FT-17s as well. There's a Dragon kit of the Neubaufahrzeug in Mark's that's been tempting me for a while too...