Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A series of small walls

...and Tony Robinson nowhere in sight. 

I was over at Capability Savage's recently and saw him working on some new terrain pieces that were really quite clever.  

These are small lengths of wood, cut and glued to a thin wooden base.  They were then covered with a thin coat of textured spray paint. 

 By being careful with his cuts and ensuring that his angles lined up correctly, CS managed to ensure that these walls can be used in any Middle Eastern or African set up in almost any configuration.  A very quick and efficient way of generating a mass of line of sight blocking terrain for modern games like Force on Force. 

Some of Capability Savages blue clad commandos sneaking by 

I suspect poor old Capability Savage was somewhat overcome by paint fumes.  It seems that his usual diet of opiates, Stilton and gin had not prepared him for the poisonous exhalations of the textured spray can he used to make these little beauties.  But I reckon that if one were not to actually inhale the fumes on purpose to "...clear the tubes..." and were to lets say, spray outside in a well ventilated area, one could assemble something very similar in jig time without any ill effect. 

I left shortly after CS called one of his artistic patrons on the telephone to inform them that international finance was a conspiracy run by talking badgers. 

Still, a very clever and speedy means of generating terrain. 

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