Friday, October 9, 2015

More Egyptians

A nice simple figure

My Egyptian Turks needed some chaps in the supernumerary ranks, so I added these fellas. This is an Egyptian artilleryman.  He was very easy to paint and I'm using him as a sergeant or corporal or something until such time as I have a few more Egyptians to spare.  

Clean lines

When that happens he will probably be transfered to duty manning a gatling gun or something similar.  Strictly speaking both Turkish and Egyptian artillerymen wore blue, but in both cases they also made use of infantrymen drafted in to assist the gunners, so this will do for the time being. 

This way!

Now that I have some troops, I needed some officer types to lead them into battle. This is a very simple paint job.  I could probably have added more detail in terms of piping, etc, but keeping things simple made him a little more versatile. 

Nope, that way!

As we all know the key skills of leadership are shouting and pointing.  Mustapha here has clearly mastered both and will be leading some poor Fellahin to their doom relatively shortly.  


  1. Very nice. Simple is always the best in my opinion.

  2. I'm a bear of little brain old chap - so simple is excellent!