Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Versatile Fellas

Foot slogging it for Kinch Pasha

Painting time is pretty thin on the ground at present, but I've actually managed to get some paint on some chaps and in jig time if I say so myself. These are Egyptian infantry that I got from Old John of Vintage 20mil. 

Now as it happens, I got a copy of this from my good pal Steve for my birthday and there are some pictures of Turkish summer uniforms.  I can't quite put my hand to it now, it's probably somewhere in the War Room. Be that as it may, those summer uniforms were a very good match the figures above. 

By the way, excellent book - more information than you will ever need to field Ottoman forces in the Crimea. Exhaustive stuff, laid out and well illustrated in the classic Partizan Press style. 

There's lots more where these came from. 

With that in mind, I've managed to paint up sixty of these lads in about four evenings. They just need a quick blast of varnish and they'll be ready to take the field in the Crimea. I'll add a picture of the whole lot later. 

The Night Charge at Kassassin 1882

But of course, this year has been the year of Colonials, so while doing for the Crimea, these lads will also do very well for Egyptian Infantry for the Egyptian campaign in 1882 and later on in the Sudan.  Thereby killing three birds with one stone. I'm feeling pretty brainy as a result. 

Now of course to do so, I will have to recruit a Madhist army, add cavalry to my 1870s British forces and further Egyptian cavalry and artillery, but that is a mere detail... 

These were painted with a quick spray of white undercoat.  I gave them two coats, just to make sure the coverage was good and even. The rifle was then painted Vallejo Mahogany and Gun Metal. The shoes, belt, hair and moutache were all painted black. Red fez and then paint the tassel black. Do the sling white and use that step to neaten any little slips along the way. The base is khaki highlighted with British tanker highlight from Vallejo's Armour range. 

And the job is OXO. 


  1. Nice troops to have in the old box. As you said, being able to use units in multiple periods locations is like doubling your painting time for free.

    1. It's an approach I'm very fond of - I've been doubling up my Crimean and Napoleonic forces for a while now.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Tony. The plain white uniform does look smart.

  3. Splendid fellows to fight for Kinch Pasha!

  4. Nice looking fellas. I'll have to keep them in mind if I ever backslide to 20mm.

    But the relationship between them and a hot beef drink eludes me.

    1. Thank you Ross. I think you've your hands full with the bigger chaps at present. Unfortunately, your mentioning of moulds led me to ferret out my PA classic toy soldier moulds. No idea what I'll do with 'em, but they are lovely.

      As for the job being OXO. Bit of Dubllin slang there I'm afraid.

  5. Sixty figures over four evenings is impressive output!
    Cool figures.

    1. I was very happy with it. I think it's only really possible with monopose figures and a very simple palette.

  6. Hello Mr Kinch,

    They are quite splendid looking and I am pleased you have THAT book - it is an eye-opener for sure! You will get a lot of use out of those chaps and I know that Bob Cordery uses similarly attired 15mm chaps for his Mahdist games.

    All the best,


    1. That is the plan DC. Of course, now that I have it, I have put it somewhere "safe" and cannot find it.

  7. Looking good !!! the rest of the reinforcements will be with you on the 23rd Oct, you did want 400 odd more :-)), and i'll be bringing a few lads that might be useful for Mahdists & NWF
    cheers Old John

    1. Thanks John. I think I'll just take the rest of the order, just for the time being :)

      Still have to dig out those Turkish cavalry that I picked up some time ago.

  8. Hi,

    Mr. Flaherty wrote a lot about the Turkish army. See his homepage at

    I do not aggree with all his statements, but it is a very interesting side with a lot of plates for free.

    I am wondering if in the Partizan books are his own plates or more of the Marrion-plates like at the cover?

    The Crimean-war Research society has several excellent articles on the subject too.

    As for your Egyptians, nice stuff:-) One day there will be a Tel-El-Kebir game eh?