Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New 1/300 Second World War figures from Krisztian

Fighters with flight stands

One of the problems of maintaining a blog is that one meets people from around the world and some of them are dashed talented fellas.  Now I'm sure I've mentioned how much talented fellas fill me with a burning sense of inadequacy and envy - well sadly, Krisztian has just decided to do it again.  My very talented pal, Kriszitan Takacs of Budapest, has just started producing a small range of 1/300 scale figures for wargaming with his son.  

The emphasis is on aircraft at present, because those are the games that they are playing, but who  knows where the mood will take him. All I can say is that young Master Takacs is a very, very lucky boy indeed that and I am green from stem to stern. 

Kris has some extras and is selling them, both painted and unpainted, at extremely reasonable prices.  I believe the painted planes come in at something less than a fiver, which is very good value. 
If you'd be interested in picking some up, contact Kris at takacs.krisztian AT gmail.com

Bofors gun 

Ack Ack Ack Ack ! 
FW 109 
Not 100% what this is.  

Royal Tiger 
Royal Tiger  

Me 109 
Me 109 


The humble Panzer IV

On to Berlin! 


  1. Very nice, love the planes especially...

  2. the second plane is also a FW 190 painted in Hungarian colours, as is the first Me 109. Nice models and well painted, I hope he does more.


    1. I'm sure he will. Don't be afraid to get in touch if you'd like some.

  3. The aircraft you are not sure about is a nicely done Hungarian FW 190.