Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Maquis of Mon Mouchet

Listen carefully, I shall say this only once...

I've been slowly gearing up to play a little Memoir '44 again, though this time with 1/72 scale figures. I have an extensive collection of 6mm figures for the Eastern Front and I will experiment with those in time, but for the moment, I will stick with the big toy soldiers. However, my chum Donogh over at Land War in Asia has been gearing up for a spot of solo-wargaming as part of Solo November

Now there are plenty of chaps who seem to enjoy this sort of thing, I wouldn't normally count myself as one of them. Ross Mac seems to extract great enjoyment from it, but I would miss the social aspect of it. I have played a little Force on Force solo, more to teach myself the rules than anything else.  My father often warned me against drinking alone, the same stricture may indeed apply to wargaming.

That said, it is solo wargaming is not incest nor is it folkdancing and it is therefore a legitimate object for a try anything once sort of thing.  

Partisans by SHQ miniatures. 

I will be playing a French Resistance scenario as I don't have sufficient figures to play any of the others. I'll be using my usual Napoleonics set up with Second World War figures added and the scenario will be Mon Mouchet.

From the Memoir '44 Rulebook

"On June 10th, three tactical groups from the Wermacht, about 2,000 men with armored support, converged on Mont Mouchet. Simultaneously moving in from the west (Saint Flour), north (Langeac and Pinols) and east (Le Puy-en-Velay et Saugues) they were determined to trap all French Resistance troops in the area. Violent fighting occurred during the entire day. The French companies made use of their knowledge of the wooded and hilly terrain to hold off the advances and finally forced the enemy to temporarily fall back to their starting positions.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history."

The board is set up and I shall report back after the game. 

I will of course, be playing the gallant Maquis. En avant!

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